Angel of Redemption

The Angel of Redemption gazed out through soft brown eyes. 

Why so sad, why so lonely?  Are not the heavens rejoicing?

They rejoice not for me. 
For me no hymn sings praise.
Too many years have I spent in vain hope.  
Too many years have past in pursuit of unfulfilled dreams

Do not despair.  But dare to hope once more.
For deliverance is at hand. 
I too am sad, and am lonely
and have too many years unfulfilled.

Come, walk with me and upon your wings shall we fly
Take my hand and let all sorrow depart
Speak but a word and shall we both be delivered
for the long night is ending

Listen, Do you hear it?
The heavens rejoice.
For you are the Angel
The Angel of my Redemption.