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Welcome to PrimalCine

No Budget Film and more

The home of PrimalCine Productions.

My name is Brian Cheverie,

web master for PrimalCine.  We are a startup (some would say upstart)   no budget film company.   We are a bunch of friends with a passion for making movies.   We come from many walks of life  and ages ranging from nine to 50+.  Most of us are in our 20's and early 30's.    To date our  output includes no budget  film shorts  in the horror, science fiction and thriller genres under the SWL Productions label, Flies in the Window, a suspense/thriller short The Box,  a horror tale of demonic possession  and Southern, a dark comedy and an award winning "Mockumentary"  Cabbage in Common, but we aspire to rival Spielberg / Lucas someday. (if  you are going to dream, dream big)  Each of us has the dreaded DAY JOB. But under that mundane exterior is an artist looking to get out. Our films, music and what not is that avenue of escape.

The music you are hearing is a piece entitled   "ARE YOU THE MONSTER?"
 A piece I wrote for a 2004 film project.  A psychological thriller about a former mental patient.


The Nickel City Opera Company's  run of the Barber of Seville was a rousing success to both critical and audience acclaim.  click here for the full review  To watch a scene from the production click here. It's great to hear people laugh during a comic opera.

a tutorial on green screen effects on the cheap
                       Sound effects: both how to DYI and some ready to go samples

Coming Attractions:

I just added a page.  It's an excerpt from a short story I'm writing.  I'm thinking of turning it into a feature length film.  Click here to read it.   I hope you like vampires.

A script has  been written for a vampire horror film short titled
The Resurrection of Ethan Holcomb,  A PrimalCine Production.  It will initially be released to three parts.  
 Click here for a concept sketch for the movie

Just In!  A suitable location has been found for he ruined chalpel.  It is the ruin of a 19th century mill and is even better than I imagined.  Now to start casting and other pre-production work.

As well as the collective efforts of our movies this site is also dedicated to the shameless
self promotion of the members of PrimalCine in all our myriad endeavors.


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Here are some links to various music, movie, theater and miscellaneous sites.  Some are classical and some are rockers, some are informative one is just plain weird.

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A formal portrait of the chairman of the board of PrimalCine Productions
                                  Vlad III                                       

Vlad III our founder and inspiration